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July 20, 2005

Some great music sales out there. I just picked up nine CD's for twenty bucks over at Shelf Life, and I can't wait for them to come in. Check it out, and check out these other SWEET sales...Go ahead explode:

Insound's 25% Off First Order
Parasol's Bargain Bin Blowout Bonanza!
Parasol's 20% Off Everything
Shelflife's $1 CD's & EP's
Tonevendor's HUGE SALE

July 08, 2005

Just a reminder, You can find one of the best and most thorough links to Festivals around the globe right here. That's right! Here at Radio Atreyu.

July 07, 2005

M.I.A. versus Super Mario Brothers! A Freakin' Brilliant mix by Josh Console! Click it: CRY.ON.MY.CONSOLE

July 06, 2005

XINLISUPREME (心 里至高), a group from the remote town of Oita, Japan, has a new album (the first in three years), No Future, and they're giving it away for free via MP3. To see the twelve track release schedule visit their website. Right now you can download the first track: All You Need Is Love Was Not True (Scrap MIX) and bathe yourself is some beautiful feedback and distortion...

July 05, 2005

The HAPPIEST BAND ON THE PLANET may very well be...
Here at Radio Atreyu, we enjoy most things Japanese: food, art, music, and playstation. If you share in these affections, you would surely be fond of the perky Okinawan pop group Happyfunsmile. They're happy, kinda funny, and always smiling. So what if half the band isn't Japanese?

July 04, 2005


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